Dr. Opeyemi Eyitayo Ayinde

Dr. Opeyemi Eyitayo Ayinde

Vice President

Ayinde, Opeyemi E. is the head department of Agricultural Economics and Farm Management. She banged Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics in 2008 from University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria where she also currently serves as an Academic Staff.

Dr Ayinde has won several grant, prizes and scholarships to mention few such as Uma Lele Mentorship Grant (2016) by Applied Agricultural Economics Association formerly known as American Agricultural Economics Association; Award to carry out socio-economic survey on STMA crops by International Institute for Tropic  Agriculture, June 2016 – Jan 2017; Joint Award from West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme to carry out a research on Innovation Transfer of Maize in Kwara State; Award to carry out Farmers’ Preferences assessment, Women group testing of DTMA crops by International Institute for Tropic Agriculture; Best paper presenter at Banana 2008 Conference, Kenya 2008; Faculty prize for the best student in Faculty of Agriculture 1999; Department prize for the best student in Dept. of Agric. Economics   1999; Societe Generale Bank Prize in Agriculture 1999; ARMTI Prize in Agric. Economics& Farm Mgt 1999; Professor Bola Okuneye Prize in Farm Mgt& Accounting 1999; University Scholar in Faculty of Agric. 1992-1996. DR Ayinde has supervised several masters and doctoral. students

Dr. Ayinde has also been useful in several collaborative research such as Facilitator at 3rd AFRICALICS Ph.D. Academy; Roundtable Moderator to United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on  Rice Supply Chain Development in Nigeria; World Bank Representative to World Bank Supervision Mission to Nigeria; Research Collaborator with Africa Rice; Research Consultant to International Institute of Tropical Agriculture IITA among others.

Ayinde has served as a consultant to the various national and international organizations including Africa Rice, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), and West Africa Agricultural Programme Project awarded by World bank. Ayinde has presently carried out the gender in Innovation a case study of Stress Tolerant maize and also carries out research on the economics of innovation in stress-tolerant maize varieties. The researches are awarded by the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) under the Prime Agreement from CIMMYT.

Research Interest

Ayinde key research Interest presently has been in the economics of innovation in agricultural productivity exploring themes such as the agricultural producers’ behavior to risk, especially climate risk and as well to innovation; determinants of diffusion of new technology, Agricultural Management strategies, Effect of Climate change on Agricultural production and gender issues. in innovation studies.


Area of Specialisation:

(a). Investment Patterns Among Rural Women in Kwara State.  B. Agric Final     Year Project.
(b). The trade-off between risk and expected return Among Small Scale Farming     Households in Kwara State.       M.Sc. Project          
(c). Analysis of Risk Management Behaviours of small-scale crop producers in Kwara    State, Nigeria.   (Ph.D. Thesis)

(a). African Association of Agricultural Economics (AAAE) – Vice President
(b). Nigeria Academic Women Association (NAWAS) – Member.
(c). Farm Management Association of Nigeria (FAMAN) – Member
(d). Agricultural Economics Society  – Member.
(e). Fisheries Society of Nigeria  – Member.
(f). ProMusa Association - Member