New Scholarships!!! Winter School 2020 in Survey Design and Experimental Methods in Applied and Agricultural Economics https://research.wpcarey.asu.edu/fab-lab/winter-school/ This one-week Winter School will be held Monday, March 16-Friday, March 20, at the Agribusiness Center on the Arizona State University Polytechnic campus. The school, run by leading applied and agricultural economists, will provide an in-depth introduction to basics of survey design, experimental methods, and data analysis. Agricultural and Applied Economics Association Scholarship The AAEA Trust of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association is providing $5,600 for Winter School scholarships. Seven students will receive scholarships in the amount of $800 each. To apply for the scholarship, submit your CV and a maximum of two pages as pdf, no more than 800 words, Times New Roman, 12pt, 1 inch margins, 1.5 space, explaining why you should be considered for an AAEA Trust Winter School Scholarship to Carola Grebitus:  carola.grebitus@asu.edu Deadline for submissions is February 25, 2020. https://research.wpcarey.asu.edu/fab-lab/winter-school/scholarships/ Taught by experts from ASU, Cornell, Michigan State, Purdue, and Susquehanna University, the program will consist of a variety of lectures, software introduction, and hands-on training. Fusing knowledge from agribusiness, agricultural economics, consumer studies, marketing, and applied economics, the curriculum will cover the basics required for successfully using surveys and experiments in research studies. Key topics include: ⦁ Designing stand-alone or accompanying surveys ⦁ Choice experiments ⦁ Auctions to collect data ⦁ Related data analysis ⦁ Interpretation of results ⦁ Deriving recommendations to stakeholders For more information go to asuwinterschool.com. To register go to https://research.wpcarey.asu.edu/fab-lab/winter-school/winter-school-fees/ Register early to guarantee your spot. Seats are limited, and registration is based on a first come, first serve basis.  Questions? Contact Carola Grebitus (carola.grebitus@asu.edu) or Vincenzina Caputo (vcaputo@msu.edu). Dr. Carola Grebitus    Save the date Winter School (http://asuwinterschool.com) Survey Design and Experimental Methods March 16-20, 2020   Arizona State University | W. P. Carey School of Business  Honors Faculty Morrison School of Agribusiness Associate Professor of Food Industry Management  carola.grebitus@asu.edu | Ph: 480.727.4098  wpcarey.asu.edu | https://wpcary.asu.edu/agribusiness-degrees