Regular Membership

Regular membership is for individuals who practices the profession of agricultural economics, applied economics, and development economics. Regular members can apply to be considered as reviewers of AfJARE journal manuscripts submitted for publication. 

Student Membership

Student membership is for individuals working toward a career in agricultural economics programs (undergraduate or graduate) in recognized institutions.

Honorary Membership

The Honorary Lifetime Membership Award (also known as “Fellows“) is bestowed to a small but very distinguished group of individuals, who have been recognized for providing enormous scholarly and leadership contributions for a significant period of years of continuous and extraordinary service to the African agricultural development.

Article 3.6 of the AAAE Constitution states: 

AAAE may give recognition to persons who have rendered exceptional service over a long period of time, in the interests AAAE Constitution of education and research in Agricultural Economics as well as in its application in Africa.

Considerations for identifying and confirming Honorary Lifetime Membership (Fellows).

  1. The person being nominated must be a member of the AAAE at the time of accepting the nomination.
  2. The nominated fellows must be accomplished Agricultural Economists evidenced by their contribution in the profession through their record of research, publication and national or international service, including teaching or students supervision, leading to increased improvement in the body of knowledge and best practice in their areas of professional focus. The Fellows must therefore provide their current Curriculum Vitae, once nominated, to be used for vetting and possible objective evaluation and ranking to get at the reasonable number of Fellows.
  3. There must be regional balance in the final number of Fellows to be recognized at any of the AAAE conference.
  4. There must be sensitivity on gender composition of the final list of Fellows to be recognized at any of the AAAE conference.
  5. There must be recognition of the role played by international colleagues in the profession in building capacity for the advancement of the profession in Africa and subsequent contribution in enhancing Agricultural Development in the continent and growth of the AAAE.
  6. There must be sensitivity in the existing language divide in the African continent, so that the final list should reflect that reality.
  7. The final list must be approved by the AAAE Executive Committee before the announcement is made at the conference session honoring the Fellows.
  8. Each Fellow must have an official citation recognizing his/her status made available to be read at the time of the announcement.

Until now, AAAE has inducted Honorary Fellows during in 2007 (Accra-Ghana), 2010 (Cape Town-South Africa), 2013 (Hammamet-Tunisia), and 2016 (Addis Ababa-Ethiopia).