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Whether old or young, the AAAE can become your association of choice. A membership with the  AAAE includes a host of various benefits, like quarterly advertising to our 2,000+ subscribers, co-hosting our networking events, steep discounts all year round, and much more.

Member Benefits

Why Join?

  • By joining the AAAE, you join a community of like-minded professionals in the area that you can build relationships and connections with. AAAE members aim to help and support one another while continuously learning and improving.
  • Becoming more involved in your industry helps build your confidence in your profession and your connection to those you work with and serve daily. 
  • We welcome members of all types, offering various levels of membership to best suit you. We will work with you to customize a membership that allows you to gain value and see results.”


“The most effective way to gain new members is by word of mouth from those you know and trust. Through the association, your word of mouth reach increases instantly as you join our community. 


“The AAAE Member Directory is a database of all the connections you receive as our member. As a member, you will get listed in our Member Directory. This way, when fellow members search, you will easily be found and able to connect with those looking for your service. See the current directory here.


  • “The AAAE bi-weekly newsletter goes out to over 3,000 active subscribers. The newsletter briefs allows you to stay informed on events in the industry, fellow association announcements, and news that affects your industry.
    • As a member, you are able to advertise your content in the newsletter four times a year! Additionally, if you have a great mention in the press or other announcement you want to share, we’ll be happy to send that out as well.”


The association allows its members to attend at panel discussions, seminars, and workshops to learn about important issues, new researches, and innovative mechanisms for your profession. Members are also encouraged to speak at events with the association. The association is also willing to work closely with its members to create new workshops specifically for your areas of expertise!


Networking is one of the association’s top priorities. It is one of our main goals for you to meet new potential colleagues, mentors, and experts. The association organizes triennial conferences, and is planning to role out multiple national and regional networking meetings, and luncheons, with high quality presentations to help you grow!

Community Involvement

Learn ways to give back and be a positive influence on the society through our various committees. Our Membership committees are a few ways that help the association fulfill our mission to serve and support you as a member.

Membership Fee

The fees below enable you to stay as a member for three years from your registration date.

New Member Registration Form

“Here, you can leave us your contact information, business information, website, membership level, and more. Once this form is completed, you are a registered GVCCC member. However, you will only receive partial benefits until payment is completed. The payment must be made within 30 days of the invoice issue date.

Renew Membership

To renew your membership, please send a request with the name of your business to