Africa making major policy strides in agriculture

Over 100 top African agricultural experts met in the Gabonese capital – Libreville, from April 23th, to assess lessons learned and policy implications from the inaugural Biennial Review (BR) Report on the implementation of the 2014 Malabo Declaration on Accelerated Agricultural Growth and Transformation for Shared Prosperity and Improved Livelihoods. The report was presented to the AU Heads of State and Government at the AU Summit in January 2018. Read more

Agriculture is the fuel that will drive industrialisation of African countries

No country has ever industrialised without growing its agricultural sector. By extension, it is agriculture that will power African economies because it is all-encompassing, affecting food security, rural economies, political stability, basic nutrition as well as job creation. Read more

Kenya top in Africa on agriculture tech startups, says report

Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana are top agri-tech markets in Africa accounting for over 60 per cent of start-ups that are active on the continent, a new report shows. Read more

Discussion: Post-harvest losses

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