Transforming agriculture in Africa through data: BioRegistra as an enabler

The Farmer’s perspective of data: While there is an outcry for more participation, there is a more urgent need for the “door opener”. For farmers to “look out for their farms like never before”, they need to be aware. Aware, in the sense that their decisions need to be influenced by the “truth”. The truth about crop performance, when to plant, weather conditions, etc. And in the age of decision making via technology, only data provides this truth. Read more

America Urged to Support African Agriculture

The president of the African Development Bank, Akinwumi Adesina, has made a strong case for increased American and global investments to help unlock Africa’s agriculture potential. The 2017 World Food Prize laureate “made the remarks as the guest speaker at the USDA’s 94th Agriculture Outlook Forum in Virginia on Feb. 22, on the theme The Roots of Prosperity Read more

Discussion: Post-harvest losses

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