All our committees are designed to help and engage with the community and membership. Each committee chair is available for the community to contact and voice their concerns, comments, or praises.


Reviews the finances of the association, aids the Treasurer and CEO in preparing budgets, and making recommendations for short and long term revenue options.


Designed to be the sounding board for the association. This committee and its members are here to listen to the members at large and determine the issues we care about, work through possible solutions, and bring forth our concerns/solutions to elected officials.

Membership and Marketing Committee

Is responsible for developing the overall marketing strategy of the association as well as for the various events and programs the association holds throughout the year. The committee is also responsible for developing member-to-member benefits and engaging with local businesses to work out creative solutions to drive revenue for the members. All efforts are geared to increasing the member experience of the association and creating value-add opportunities to increase and retain membership.

Programming Committee

The objective is to create recurring events that will bring increased traffic and awareness to our businesses and association sponsors. Programs include but are not limited to: Annual Symposiums, Women in the Industry, and the Triennial Conferences


Joshua Ariga

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Dr. Opeyemi Ayinde

Vice President
University of Ilorin

Dr. Guy-Blaise Nkamleu

Past President
African Development Bank

Prof. Rose Nyikal

University of Nairobi

Dr. Jonathan Nzuma

AfJARE Chief Editor
University of Nairobi

Prof. Mustapha Jouili

North Africa
Université de Nabeul

Dr. Tahirou Abdoulaye

West Africa
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)

Prof. Ernest Molua

Central Africa
University of Buea

Dr. Thinah Moyo

Southern Africa
Namibia University of Science and Technology

Dr. Oliver Kirui

Eastern Africa
International Food Policy Research Institute, Sudan

Mr. Jeffers Miruka

Eastern Africa